Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Princess is almost One!!

Are you ready for a little Kylie overload? If not, go ahead and get out now!

I can't believe my little princess is already almost one year old! It has been the best year of my life this past year getting to know her, watching her grow, and being able to bond with her. I absolutely adore this little girl!

She is quite the handful sometimes. She is VERY independent. She has been walking for about the last 2 months. Well let me correct that - she has been walking for the last 2 months, and she has been running for the last 1 1/2 months! She hates being held when we go out in public now, and she she refuses to let me hold her hand! She has to be able to walk and run around on her own, and normally she will only walk/run in whichever direction I try to get her NOT to go. This applies to grocery stores to. She screams at me to get out of her seat, and if I try to let her walk for a minute, she takes off as soon as her feet hit the floor! She is not shy either. She loves to tell people hi & bye. With all the snowbirds here, she get's ALOT of attention in stores. She get's so excited and starts waving and saying hi and bye as soon as someone even smiles at her!

This girl may be small, but she can eat! She loves to eat just about everything, and insists that she tries everything that anyone around her eats. She beg's worse than the dogs! The only difficult thing about this is that she still has NO teeth! That's right - ZERO. I am fine with that, because She is still breastfeeding for the next few weeks, but it sure does make it hard for her to get alot down!  She eats everything, but if she has to such on it to be able to mush it up - it takes her forever to eat anything!

Ok, now here is where the Kylie overload really kicks in. My good friend Jenifer took Kylie's 1 year  & smash cake pictures last week! They are so adorable. How on earth did I get such a photogenic child? She loves the camera! Her face lights up whenever she see's you point it at her. 

So without further adieu.... Here is how the photo shoot went!

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