Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Princess is almost One!!

Are you ready for a little Kylie overload? If not, go ahead and get out now!

I can't believe my little princess is already almost one year old! It has been the best year of my life this past year getting to know her, watching her grow, and being able to bond with her. I absolutely adore this little girl!

She is quite the handful sometimes. She is VERY independent. She has been walking for about the last 2 months. Well let me correct that - she has been walking for the last 2 months, and she has been running for the last 1 1/2 months! She hates being held when we go out in public now, and she she refuses to let me hold her hand! She has to be able to walk and run around on her own, and normally she will only walk/run in whichever direction I try to get her NOT to go. This applies to grocery stores to. She screams at me to get out of her seat, and if I try to let her walk for a minute, she takes off as soon as her feet hit the floor! She is not shy either. She loves to tell people hi & bye. With all the snowbirds here, she get's ALOT of attention in stores. She get's so excited and starts waving and saying hi and bye as soon as someone even smiles at her!

This girl may be small, but she can eat! She loves to eat just about everything, and insists that she tries everything that anyone around her eats. She beg's worse than the dogs! The only difficult thing about this is that she still has NO teeth! That's right - ZERO. I am fine with that, because She is still breastfeeding for the next few weeks, but it sure does make it hard for her to get alot down!  She eats everything, but if she has to such on it to be able to mush it up - it takes her forever to eat anything!

Ok, now here is where the Kylie overload really kicks in. My good friend Jenifer took Kylie's 1 year  & smash cake pictures last week! They are so adorable. How on earth did I get such a photogenic child? She loves the camera! Her face lights up whenever she see's you point it at her. 

So without further adieu.... Here is how the photo shoot went!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chevelon Canyon Lake

A few weekends ago Tyler got the opportunity to go on a camping/fishing trip up at Chevelon Lake with one of his friends. Chevelon Lake is about 3.5 hours northeast of Phoenix in the greener PRETTIER part of AZ (near Heber if you know where that is :)). It is pretty remote and there are no "main" roads that go out there - so the boys had fun taking the backroads to their campground.

 I do have to admit, I was a tid bit jealous jealous that it was a boys only event and I wasn't invited. We have both been trying to get around and visit all the different (inexpensive) places in AZ before the baby arrives and we are glued to the house. But I suppose Ty needs his man time before the baby get's here as well!

So, to get on with it, since I didn't get to go I told Tyler he HAD to take pictures for me. And throughout his trip I texted him to remind him :). So here is a glimpse of what he brought home!

Beautiful! I will have to join next time....

Friday, September 16, 2011

Super Saver Right Here!!

So I am no expert at couponing, but I have been trying to learn the trade since we moved out to AZ and I am now jobless. Because I am preggers and it is so hot out here, it is maybe once every 2 to 3 weeks that I actually have the energy to try coupon's out and make it to the grocery store. However, I put my mind to it today and I was very proud of my efforts so I wanted to share them with you!

Here is my haul for today:

And here is a little overview of what I got:

1 Minute Maid Fresh Squeeze OJ
2 boxes of Cheerios
3 boxes of Honey Nut Chex
2 boxes of Cookie Crisp
4 boxes of Fiber One Bars
4 boxes of Nature Valley Granola Thins (these things are delish!)
4 boxes of General Mills Snack Bars (Chocolate Chunk Chex treat bars and Golden Grahams treat bars)
1 box of Skinny Cow Candy
4 4-packs of Yoplait yogurt
2 4-packs of Yoplait delights parfait
8 boxes of GoGurt (delish as a frozen treat!)
3 bags of Tyson frozen chicken nuggets
2 jars Prego Spaghetti sauce

Total before Sales prices & Coupons: $158.68
How much did I pay!?!? $47.61
My receipt said my total savings were 69% - it made me do a little happy dance as I walked through the parking lot to my car :).

Yay me!! Now this is not something that will happen very often. But at least for now we are stocked up on enough cereal and treats to last us a couple months! 

I apologize for the crappy phone picture. Tyler and Colby went camping up at Chevelon Canyon Lake up north in the prettier/cooler part of AZ. I was a LITTLE jealous (ok, probably alot more than a little) and sad that girls weren't invited, so I made him take the camera with him so he could take pictures for me. So when he get's back with those (if he actually remembers to take any) I will post those on here as well!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm Back... Hopefully :)

I told Christina (and Tyler) I would start blogging - so I will try.

Everything is going great here in AZ! It's really hot, and I get really bored at home all day - but besides that I have nothing to complain about! Our house is coming together really nicely and we LOVE our neighborhood and ward at church. I will post house pictures when we finish.

So fun story for today. I am SOOOOO tired of pregnancy brain. It's really deciding to show up a lot more lately. I left for my morning walk today at about 6 am (the only way to "beat the heat" here since it's 90+ degrees by 7am). I usually take my phone to listen to music but it was almost dead so I left it at home. The walk was great, it was nice and slightly cool outside. Well I got home around 7 and guess what!?!? Locked myself out. Who know's why I locked the front door when I left. I still don't even remember doing it. The best part is Tyler almost locked me out while I was on a walk a week or so ago when he left for work - but luckily realized it. So the plan was to leave a key somewhere outside just in case it happened again, but guess what - forgot to do that too!! Since it was so early and I didn't want to bug the neighbors I had a nice little walk up to the gas station on the corner and used the pay phone to call Ty Collect. Yep you can still call Collect. I think it was the first time I have ever even done that. Unfortunately Ty works 35 minutes away from home, so I had some quality time I got to spend with the AZ nature in my backyard and realized how thankful I am for the mister's installed around our back porch.

Tyler lectured me this morning and insisted that I had to go buy a "key in a rock" as he calls it. Apparently he will not accept just hiding a key somewhere but I instead he insisted I have to go to Wal-mart TODAY and buy a fake rock to put it in. REALLY?!?! I still haven't figured out if he was really serious or not...

The trash can has also been sitting on the corner for 2 days now since I couldn't seem to remember what day the trash was picked up this week. So pregnancy brain is one of the annoying symptoms I can officially check off my list. Yay!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Maybe, Possibly, could it be TRUE?

I think I may officially start blogging. A decision will be made soon. Any encouragement would be GREATLY appreciated....... because you all know I need it!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Hubby is the BEST :-D

So I have to blog about this just because it made my week :-D. I have the best hubby in the world. Anyone who knows me knows that I am VERy frugal with my money, I LOVE to by clothes, shoes, jewlrey, and makeup just like any girl, but once I pick it up and look at the price I can never justify it so it goes back on the shelf. Because of this, I tend to keep wearing the same clothes for years on end. Well, I got home from work today (Tyler was in school so no one was home), and sitting right inside the front door is a wonderful Hollister bag with some of my favorite hoodies in it as well as some shockers, (which is the best candy when you don't want chocolat, and I can never find them anywhere!), and a short sweer note from my hubby. I was sooo excited! Yes, it is still spending the same money, but when it is a surprise from him it totally justifies it!! I love him. Anyways, I promise I will get pictures up of the new decorated condo soon. I just have to finish some decorating and get Jen over here with her cool camera. So until then, toodles!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

We did it!

So I guess I was just waiting for something big to happen to finally start blogging. Well.... we FINALLY moved into our new condo. Yep, that's right, we are officially homeowners. Oh it feels so good :-D. Thanks to our AMAZING friends Jen and Colby, we actually loaded everything on the truck and off into our new place by 3:30 on Staurday. I was so excited to see that it was done with no damage to the house, or any of us, except for Colby's poor little cut finger :-(, and all our sore muscles from walking up and down the stairs all day. Now it's Sunday afternoon and I have about 3/4ths of everything unpacked. I REALLY want to get it all done, but I know how moving goes..... it only takes a day to get to the 3/4ths mark, the last quarter get's done over the next month, right? Well anyways, I didn't take many before pictures like I wanted to, but here they are.....

So needless to say, I haven't really left my kitchen much yet. I'm kinda in love with it. (Sorry Ty! I'll make lot's of cookies in the future :-)). As soon as we get everything unpacked and decorated I will have Jen come over with her amazing, expensive camera and take some great pictures for everybody! And just to let you know how hard we worked, this is what happens to my poor babies when they have to move and unpack all weekend.........

Ty doesn't know I took this yet, I guess he will in a few minutes when he reads this............ I love you Ty ;-)